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Jahangir world time has the vision to make Pakistan strong and responsible. His books helped the CSS students to achieve his ambition easily after getting knowledge from their books. In the book History of Pakistan and India, he promotes the CSS studies and makes it special that students can get a result according to their efforts. The overview of this is given as:

After the ongoing amendment of the prospectus of the History of Pakistan and India, the wannabes of CSS are astounded whether to pick this subject or not. This disarray is justifiable given the noteworthy effect that the modification has on the extent of this subject. The FPSC has pressed this subject of 200 imprints into 100 imprints. This implies the planning time and endeavors continue as before yet the prize has been split. In basic words: more endeavors and less prize. Be that as it may, this observation isn’t completely legitimate. The up-and-comers need to look further into the benefits of choosing this subject, but after their attempt, CSS Students were able to work for the struggle of the country.

It tells us that students should study their own history. Without knowing our own past, we can’t work for a superior future. As I would like to think, everybody must an examination the subject whether one has picked it for the tests.

Jahangir World Time books:

Understanding political science by Ahmed Ali Naqvi & Iqra Jalal JWT

Top 30 Essays by Zahid Ashraf JWT

Top 20 Questions Pakistan Affairs by Iqra Riaz Ud Din JWT

To The Point Pakistan Affairs by Iqra Riaz Ud Din JWT Jahaghir World Time

To The Point Islamic History & Culture by Zahid Ashraf JWT

To The Point History of the USA by Umair Khan JWT

To The Point English by JWT

To The Point British History by Doctor Waheed Ashraf JWT

To The Point Islamic Studies

Success stories by JWT

Sociology Book for CSS

Siraj Islamiat for CSS by JWT

Public Administration Issues & Perspectives by Iqra Riaz-Ud-Din JWT

Public Administration by Liaquat Ali Khan Niazi JWT

Psychology by Tayab Saifullah JWT

Psychological Assessment & Interview Guide by Dr Waheed Ashraf JWT

PMS Guide

Muslim Law & Jurisprudence by Aatir Rizvi JWT

Mastering The Art of Précis Writing & Comprehension

JWT Geography with DVD for CSS

Jahangir an Introduction to Gender Studies

International Relations MCQs CSS by Zahid Aziz and Zahra JWT

International Relations CSS, PMS, PPS by M. Ikram

International Relation Paper 2

History of India & Pakistan by Mian Azmat Farooq

Guess Paper 2020

Governance & Public Policies for CSS by Dr Muhammad Kaleem JWT

General Science and Ability by Mian Shafiq JWT

Gender Studies by M. Nawaz Khalid JWT

Fundamentals of Accountancy & Auding with MCQs BY Ahmed Naveed JWT

Essential of International relations by Kanwal Batool Naqvi & Zahid Aziz JWT

Environment Science MCQs BY Imran Bashir JWT

Environment Science BY Imran Bashir with Free DVD JWT

Discovering The World of Vocabulary (CSS/PMS) by Adeel Niaz JWT

Discovering The World of English with Grammar Composition & Essay

CSS Vocabulary

Current Affairs for CSS

CSS books by JWT

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